The Way We Think About Wellness Is Dead Wrong


Why is the average US life expectancy #46, behind Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taipei, European countries but also behind Cuba, Qatar, Chili, and Costa Rica?

The US has been a hotbed for innovation since its founding.  Our innovation culture has far outpaced our counterparts in Europe. 52% of American respondents described themselves as creative.

Yet, two third of Americans are overweight, almost 30 million Americans have diabetes, 21 million Americans suffer from depression.  

Why can’t world renowned Americans enjoy their wholeness? 

Yet, people in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan can enjoy their wholeness.

Here are my observation from an Asian immigrant:

(1) The Food Industry: Most foods in the US are processed to preserve their shelf life. Food processes include washing, chopping, pasteurizing, fermenting, freezing, cooking and packaging.  Processed foods are not as good as fresh foods.  Because some nutrients are lost in heat and packaging. However, they are not bad.  

The bad processed foods are added sugars and sodium.  

This added sugars and sodium make us unconsciously addicted and crave for more sugars and salts.

Too many sugars destroy our chemical called Leptin.  Leptin is the most powerful appetite-suppressing hormone.  Added sugars are in bread, ham, sausage, yogurt, cheese spreads, juice, soda, energy drinks, peanut butter, chocolates, breakfast cereals and salad dressings. 

Too much Sugars cause inflammation.  Tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, and psoriasis are all inflammatory diseases.  

Science has proven that chronic, low-grade inflammation can turn into a silent killer that contributes to cardiovas­cular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and other conditions.

The same as sodium. 

We should get about 1,500 milligrams of it every day. But the average American takes in about 3,400.  Long-term side effects of too much salt raises the risks of enlarged heart muscle, heart failure, high blood pressure, headaches, kidney disease, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stomach cancer, and stroke.

Do you know fortified foods are being blamed for diabetes, heart disease and cancer?

(2)  Medical Doctors Are Not Fully Equipped To Heal Their Patients: Cynthia Li MD in her book, “Brave New Medicine”, described “The ibuprofen didn’t work for the pain, the antidepressants had too many side effects, or the antihistamine-decongestants didn’t help the sinusitis”….”One third to half of all doctors reported emotional exhaustion, cynicism, depersonalization, or feelings of decreased effectiveness”.  Brave New Medicine is a memoir of a medical doctor’s unconventional path to heal her autoimmune illness.  Why pick an unconventional path when she has been trained by the best in conventional medicine?  Pick her book up and you’d learn that our body is a bio system.  In order to heal any symptom, regardless as small as allergy to as big as cancer, it needs to treat its bio system.  Once the bio system is restored, the symptoms will disappear without drugs.

(3)   85% of Americans Suffer from Malnutrition without Knowing It: Shawn Stevenson broke his hip bone when sprinting at age 16.  No one hit him.  He didn’t fall.  The hip bone just broke.  He rested.  The hip repaired itself.  At age 20, he had pain.  The pain grew from nuanced pain to debilitating pain over the course of a few weeks.  He saw a physician and had an MRI taken.  The physician told Shawn that he had two ruptured discs and his vertebrae were deteriorating.  “How to fix it?”Shawn asked.  “There’s nothing you can do about it.  Son, you have degenerative discs.  Your vertebrae are like an 80-year-old-man’s.  There’s nothing to do about it.”, the doctor said.  Hitting the rock bottom, Shawn finally decided to take the matter of health back to his own hand.  He gradually restores his discs… later he became bestselling author and the creator of The Model Health Show.  Why did Shawn have degenerative discs at age 20?  Because he ate pizza and burgers.  He had malnutrition.

(4)  People say, I can’t help it.  It’s In My Family’s DNA: Wrong outdated data.  Scientists continue studying the genome.  The latest Epigenome has discovered we can change our brain and DNA by our thinking, our mood, our food and our lifestyle.  What triggers cell rapid mutation has less to do with the family’s genome but more to do with the family’s lifestyle.  ScienceDaily: Exercise improves health through changes on DNA.  NPR.Org: A workout can change your DNA.  Henry Ford Health: Exercise affects how fit and healthy we become at the cellular level.

Because of this discovery, the global gym industry is worth $96.7 billion in 2020.  The global weight loss industry is worth $254.9 billion. 

People who care for wellness are giving an impression to follow rigid diets and work out programs.  Yet, 95% of the weight loss products fail.

Is wellness so hard?  The good news is that wellness is simple.  The reason why it’s so confusing is because the marketplace isn’t meant to educate the public. The medical doctors are.  Sadly, the medical doctors are heavily equipped by the pharmaceutics. Not to mention the foundation of the training isn’t based on wellness but based on ailment. 

Genius Albert Einstein said, “IF YOU CAN’T EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY, YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND IT WELL ENOUGH.”  Steven Jobs said, “Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

The reason people fail to have wellness is because they make it too complicated.

 It can be that you want everyone to love you and you can’t never say ‘no’.  So you are always stressed out.

Or you use food, drugs and alcohol to compensate for your loneliness, stress and boredom.

Or on the contrary, you come from a family of excellence that nothing is ever enough.  So you turn into a workaholic.

I’m from Asia.  I’m 53.  I eat whole foods.  It’s said to eat a rainbow a day.  So I take veggies, fruits & berries capsules.  These capsules contain 30 different veggies, fruits and berries to make sure that I always eat a rainbow a day.  I also learned of NASA Aeroponics gardenThis garden makes it super easy for me to eat fresh, eat organic and eat  variety.  

I’m after HealthSpan; not LifeSpan.

Wellness is not just to do exercises.  Wellness is not just to eat a rainbow of whole foods a day.  Wellness is a unique blend of mind, body & spirit.

This is A Wellness Equation: 



Take Out the garbage: The garbage is in your gut and in your mind.

How do you do it – Simple.  You gradually systematically change your diet into whole food and you steer your mind to see opportunities in the midst of the crisis.

 Most people know it.  But change takes fuel.  If you want to successfully change from an old malnutrition diet to a wholefood nourishing diet, your 1st step is to find your motivation. 

Do you want to have a fun time with your grandkids?

Do you want to be successful and put a dent in our beautiful planet earth?

Do you want to look good because that’s what you really are?

Or do you want to continue living in fatigue and half? 

 Hooray. Suddenly you have fuel…you can execute this change.  You won’t constantly fall into a victim of hangover, overeating, addiction, or nuisance.

 Clearing out the garbage is time consuming….. Once you have your motivation, you have the fuel…. you keep your gaze on your reward, it is worth any effort you put in. 

Your 1st step is to find a pen and paper to journal down your diet. These are your old diet.  You need to know your old diet in order to see what needs to be eliminated. Too much sugar?  Too much salt?  Too much caffeine? Can you replace sugar with honey?  Can you always ask for honey even at Starbucks?

 One common mistake people make is that they focus on the end goal- I want to lose 30 pounds.  Focusing on the end goal makes you lose focus on executing the little right things.  Every little right thing cleans up your gut and makes it harder to go back to your old junk diet.  Because when your bio system is improving, it starts to demand you to eat well. 

I can’t eat junk food because my body doesn’t crave junk food.  When I eat junk food, I need to fast to clean up my gut.

If your bio system is clean, it will demand you to eat whole food, too.

 When it comes to your mind, apply the same procedure.  You can find step-by-step on the tag “DIY wellness”

 The main reason people can’t fix their pain is they never decide to take out their Mind-Body garbage. If you don’t clean out your house, even if you keep spreading the air fresher, it is, after all, temporary.

 Don’t complicate it.

 Boost Your Immune System: If we have an allergy, our immune system is not strong enough.  If we catch a flu, our immune system is not strong enough.  Why is our immune system weak?  You might say, oh, it’s a family quirk.  Then what traits do your families have? 

Worry lot…angry a lot…obesity…alcoholic…melancholy…overachiever?

All these traits tell a story that your mind, body and spirit don’t work to help each other out but step on each other’s toes.  You might have a good diet, but you don’t sleep well.  You might exercise a lot but your stress is crazy high.  You always feel the whole world doesn’t listen to you. What you wanted it to happen didn’t happen.  What you didn’t want to happen happened.  You always have to fix it. 

Does that sound familiar? 

If so, no wonder your immune system is weak.

Boosting your immune system are supported by 4 pillars:

  • Good sleep
  • Good nutrients
  • Good relaxation
  • Good deal of movements 

How to boost your immune system – Simple.  

If you nail down good nutrients and positive thinking in exercise ‘Take Out Mind-Body Garbage’, you are halfway.

Good relaxation, good sleep, and a good deal of movement can be accomplished by functional whole food and spiritual growth. 

Our society often unconsciously trains us to fear.  Fear is the basic survival instinct.  It has its role.  However, in order to flourish, fear should be short and temporary.  

Spiritual growth unwinds us back to our genuine childlike belief that everything works together for those who have no fear.      

Spiritual growth is the same as personal growth.  It’s not about which religion you are. 

 Spiritual growth is….. you like to help out because it feels good….you like to move because it feels good… simply just love people because we are wired to love no matter how much we disagree with each other (you are confident to set a firm boundaries and you are not afraid the other pushes you).…….you like to explore because you embrace new experiences. …. You don’t need sugar to boost you up because you have inner peace……you are open, engaged in the zone……life isn’t a threat but an invitation into an adventure….you like to explore into the unknown…..

  Problems are not your enemy.

In the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.

 Leverage: The force to get compound effect with as little effort as possible.

 Once you nail down (Take Out Mind-Body Garbage + Boost Immune System), you have developed a healthy lifestyle.  The rest is simply a compound effect. 

That’s why wellness is not hard.

Wellness is a house of mind, body and spirit.  If you go for weight loss, you do it wrong.  When you follow this equation, it is impossible not to look good, feel good and have longevity.  My clients would tell you once they clean up their mind body bio system, even if you ask them to eat junk food, they can’t.  They don’t even feel it’s tasty anymore.

This is how people in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore do.

So if you are sick and tired of headache; sick and tired of fatigue; sick and tired of inflammation; sick and tired of negativity —-

Start an Asian healthy lifestyle.